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CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Code of Ethics and Good Practices

This section describes the main features of the ethical values ​​that guide ELEKTRA in the development of our professional activity and the interaction with the socio-economic surrounding in which we operate.

Our managers, collaborators, employees and technical teams, as well as our suppliers share and make these principles and models of conduct their own. They represent ELEKTRA at all times and for this reason, we ensure their commitment to our Decalogue.

We believe that the internalization of these values-guides defines our company profile and it guarantees a higher level of professionalism because it outlines the limits of corrective action within the solving problems and conflicts frameworks.


We reject discriminatory behavior for reasons of sex, race, marital status or ideology, political opinions, nationality, religion or any other personal, physical or social condition.

We prevent and avoid conflicts of interest in the relationship with our clients and suppliers: professional decisions should not depend on particular interests but rather should be based on criteria of business objectivity, legality, and for the fair benefit of the parties involved (win -to-win model).


We assure our collaborators, clients, real estate properties and their managers, a confidential treatment of sensitive data that may come to our knowledge during the development of our activity. We take great care of compliance with current legislation on data protection.

Honesty and transparency

Deliberate mislead, deceive others for misrepresentations, overstatements, are forbidden. On professional relationship we maintain the communication clear and transparent with all the interlocutors. We firmly believe that such attitude reinforces to credibility and protects the reputation of our firm.

Professional competence

Professional competence is the ELEKTRA’s cornerstone because our activity has strong technical and scientific components. Our dedicated employees and selected coworkers, are high qualified members of the Team; it ensures the quality of our performances in a wide range of specialities, and it makes us able to better help our clients to define their new needs. We are always proud to be an active part of our customer changes and transformations plans.

Curiosity is an attitude that we appreciate and promote throughout the development of our professional activity, we consider the creativity thinking model as a crucial ability, however we also support the brand solutions, when available and appropriate; therefore, the respect for the intellectual property and the authorship of any specific brand solution or methodology, is also a basic value for us.

Our team is committed to keep updated and improving technical knowledge and the management skills following a permanent and customized training plan.

In ELEKTRA , the Training is a discipline in addition to the regular training plan. It includes its own self-training opportunities, based on the exchange of knowledge among the different Teams, pursuing a capitalization of experience; the idea is to better understand the others colleagues’ challenges and the recognition and validation of other useful practices and their possible adoption.

We support programs that promote equal opportunities and professional career development in our work groups.

Professional diligence

We assume as part of our responsibilities the fulfillment of the applicable regulation in force and the norms in use within the client’s sector. We prepare the project papers, reports and technical documentation with meticulosity, ready for procedures before de competent Authorities.


ELEKTRA carry out their professional activity in strict observance of current regulations, as well as in respect of the uses and good commercial practices, assuming with diligence and good faith, the obligations derived from contractual agreements. Such commitment requires us to maintain a constant effort to know the applicable regulations and their evolutions.

We aspire to maintain commercial and professional relationships that guarantee the protection of the legitimate rights of all the individuals and the legal entities we find; by extension, to contribute to the collective righteousness.

Safeguard of the people and the environment

We believe there is no ethical management without social responsiveness, environment concerns, occupational risks prevention, work-life balance encouragement. In short, all the factors associated to the individual and collective health. Elektra project management model takes care of all these aspects from the initiation till the completion. We set up work spaces that are frame of coexistence, therefore we feel involved and responsible, directly or indirectly, for the quality of life of those who inhabit such space.