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QMS-Quality Management System

The purpose of the Elektra Quality Systems is the achievement of the Full Quality.

Our goal is to provide a high-quality performance to ensure:

• customer satisfaction.
• profitability of the works execution.
• keep a win-to-win relationship with our partners and co-workers.
• maintain and reinforce a company reliability.

It is not a simply failure analysis methods to solve an event and to amend the corresponding procedures. EQ is our own method, tried, tested and verified by our large experience and supported by the invaluable feedback from our clients.

elaboration has had the active participation of all board management and executive committee members, as well as the technicians. We conducted a comprehensive analysis based on the most reliable methodologies like (PDCA, Kaizen).

Procedure Manual is available. It consists of summary papers illustrating the best practice to be followed in each operational area. The contents are kept fresh and up to dates and always ready for employee’s consultation, even remotely.

We are engaged to follow the continue self-evaluation practice according the globally recognized model of European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). It enables us bridging the gap between planning and doing, once understood how the gap affects the results.

Evaluation Units, integrated by members of different teams, are in charge to check the appropriate application of the procedures internally decreed. The aim of these interdisciplinary units is to carry out a two-way evaluation among supervisors, colleagues and peers, as well as the application of a problem-solver tool like Pareto analysis, and cost-benefit indicators study. The conclusions include the suggestion of the corrective actions and, eventually, the proposal of procedures modification to improve their efficiency.

The corrective measures are agreed actions among all functional areas of the company, in this way we ensure a multidisciplinary view and a consolidation of the quality culture as a standard within all the levels of the organization.

The Team Spirit is, indeed, a value company in Elektra, It allows everyone to contribute ideas and enables people to appreciate the benefits of working together for a better performance. All offerings of ideas are considered as helpful and part of our intellectual capital.

makes agile and quick the analysis of data and facts and it allows a fast detection of failures and it helps the decision-making process for amendments and melioration.

it is more than an evaluation method, because it represents an embedded value in our daily activity. It is a clever roadmap to the Full Quality accomplishment.