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CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

In this area, ELEKTRA refers to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) approved in 2015 by the United Nations, which, in their 169 specific goals, constitute a guide to protect, maintain and improve the health of the planet and the quality of life of the people.

The great challenges of the 2030 Agenda, (eradicating poverty, reducing inequality and fighting climate change), establish a common roadmap for individuals, communities, governments, entities, and companies.

Therefore, ELEKTRA, from its position, recognizes and integrates the SDGs within our reach, in our professional practice, out of conviction, a sense of responsibility towards our environment, evolving harmoniously with the increasingly demanding times in which we live. Our well-being and professional success are closely related to a shared prosperity with the society in which we interact.

ELEKTRA want to give content to such mission statements and for this reason, in recent years, we have made an effort to integrate measurable and quantifiable criteria into our business model in order to consolidate our “green methodology”, and to integrate the value of sustainability into ELEKTRA’s projects.

ELEKTRA’s solutions propose sustainable spaces, encourage innovation and contribute to the promotion of climate-resilient infrastructures.

When a cultural spaces or a building which are of architectural and historical interest are the object of our project, we consider it our duty to protect, to preserve and to enhance them.

Our specialty is providing sustainable and high-quality solutions for workspaces. We believe workplace should be an efficient and productive environment, but also a healthy and comfortable living surrounding that enhance the workers and users’ wellness.

Commercial spaces, industrial warehouses, offices, hotels, laboratories, factories, hospitals, in all these areas our experience has corroborated that sustainability and well-being in workplace are not in contrast with the efficiency and profitability.

Within this framework, our projects take in account the different areas of expertise that compose any comfortable, healthy and sustainable indoor spaces:

• Accessibility & Inclusive design
• Healthy material: Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) index
• Air quality
• Appropriate Lighting
• Noise pollution control
• Suitable Temperature
• Easy maintenance and cleaning
• Fire protection

Our “Green-approach” covers all these aspects since their wise combination configures the sustainability level of the workspace and enabling positive synergies that contributes to the project success.

Our solutions include advices for the efficient use of the resources, the optimization of the recovery material and recycling operation of the waste, in alignment with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the best environmental protection trend, because it is essential for sustained economic growth.

We provide exhaustive information about building material and their impact on human health and the environment, to make aware the promoter about a possible “green-choice”.

We aim to be partners of those clients ecologically concerned, who want to achieve their green corporate goals, or to move towards a model of “circular economy”.

We are able to offer solutions, to make proposals and to provide advice about:

• Reusable, recyclable or compostable materials, based on their life cycle assessment (LCA).
• Efficient Energy or feasible Self-Sufficiency solutions & energy cost management.
• Energy Modelling for buildings and rehabilitation.
• Enabling sustainable maintenance of facilities.
• Rational use of water as a productive resource and its preservation as a collective good.
• Studies about environmental impacts of a specific activity, and evaluation reports of the “Green Quality of Workspaces”

Every member of the ELEKTRA team endorses these guidelines commonly shared and accepted.